I'm Tabitha. I am a passionate follower of Christ, wife to a born and bred mountain man, and momma to an adventurous two year old and a beautiful baby girl. I am learning to embrace this season that I am in - crumbs, sleepless nights, reheated coffee and all. I'm finding God here, in the glorious and mundane moments of life - realizing that He's bigger then all of it. 

Two years ago, a miscarriage drastically changed my perspective on faith, community, and myself. I was blessed to have a tribe of people wrap themselves around me as I healed from my personal grief. Basically, the church showed up at my front door and without realizing it, knocked down walls in my heart. As a self-proclaimed homebody - I realized that community and the Body of Christ is an essential, yet rarely talked about part of discipleship. 

From that moment on, the Lord has called me to build. I am building for His kingdom and not mine - hoping to shine a light on what the Body of Christ is and can be - not just a building, but of people and their stories. Stories that are messy, unfiltered, and imperfect. 

So, you won't find many tutorials here or professionally edited photos. That's not what I am all about. But, what I do hope you find, and take with you, is heaps of authenticity and a hope-filled Kingdom perspective that leaves you changed wherever you may be in your own life